Friday, February 27, 2015

They Never Tell You

They tell you it will hurt,
The void, the churn, the silence,
The hoping and the deafening drumming of your heart,

They tell you what you will miss,
The hugging, the kissing, the whispering,
The bed that smells of quiet lovemaking and wine,
Warm bodies intertwined in the morning,
So you hide your tears till the sun turns black,
And then cry silently into your pillow,
Praying sleep will end this dastardly dream,

You miss the kiss before you start the day,
the phone calls on lazy afternoons,
surfing channels on the tele before bed,
knowing exactly where her head will rest and,
Where your hands will talk to her skin,
They never tell you, you will miss the routine,
The predictability, the careless monotony,
No! They never tell you that.

Source - Grist

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


When we were children,
We were timid, innocent, we were restless,
A world full of possibilities,
So overwhelming, it left us breathless,
Our dreams so fragile, like beads of rosary,
We thought they were timeless,
we learned to say goodbye too young,
ducked from words that left us defenceless,
Our broken toys were quick to be mended,
but our hearts were left so helpless.

Image courtesy - Cloak Unfurled

Friday, February 20, 2015


My words,
Are so many things,
Agents of chaos,
Acerbic, despondent, a river,
Of tranquility,
Comforting, reflective, a murmuration
Of starlings, wild and impulsive,
Or like wet paint,
On a thirsty canvas, longing to be,
Touched, to be ordained,
And yet when I stare at the stars,
In your eyes,
I'm parched and,
Heady from their light,
Words can never hope to substitute,
The volumes that we will speak tonight.

Image Courtesy - The Conscious Process

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Cup of Dissonance

What did I leave behind,
In the aftermath of our demise?,
The whistling of the rain,
Ginger-tea in the balcony,
The warmth of your breath on my back,
Those gut wrenching dove eyes,
Bloodshot full lips,
My love of your mind, my lust for your hips,
A chill down my spine,
Your sweet gentle kiss,
My insatiable desire,
Your perfectly timed quips,

The rain comes down now,
As copious as can be,
I can't seem to replicate,
that damned heavenly cup of tea.

Image courtesy - Ellie Hickey

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Edge

When the shackled words were finally free,
They sounded so much like tragedy,
For something beautiful had wilted and died,

Silence descended like the night,
Heavy and distinct,
Like a fortress built of things unsaid,

I never felt the drop,
As the ground beneath me surrendered,
Descending into the bottomless moat,
Nothing to collide with and break the fall,

Those words have etched their memory,
Like sleep wrinkles across my porcelain skin,
A memento,
Of what might have been,

You were the edge I slipped over,
The edge of reason,
The edge of hope,
The fortress that protects me no more.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


My love, don't let anyone treat you like a shadow,
You're the spectacular full moon,
You're the pride of the night sky,
The oceans sway to your gracious biddance,
Brush your forgiving light in gentle strokes,
Carving ravines through the gloom,

Keep the lovers awake,
Bring their doubts crashing down,
Reveal the contrite,
And cure their guilt,
If it's not too much trouble,
Find my lonely heart before dawn,
It could do with a pint of your company.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Find A Way

The rules of love,
By design,
Some corrosive, some benign,
Our naked chapter in its perennial tale,
Hugs and kisses, passion and pain,
Bruises and scars, memories so frail,
Spilled meticulously across its pages,
In crimson ink,
Bleeding from my skin, my veins,
There is no regret, there is no blame,
Our memories, I will forever claim,
The lights of the world will shine through our souls,
Time will resurrect by some measure,
And our hearts eventually will find a way.

Picture courtesy - Forever Young Adult