Sunday, July 20, 2008


I am stuck in a place, frozen in my mind,
where pain is habit, love a lost rhyme,
empty frames decorate its walls of lime,
enslaving my soul for an eternal crime,

I examine the walls of my prison cell,
names etched of those who rose and fell,
voices whispering, their own stories to tell,
I listen to them like a silent rebel,

A thorn welcomes my every step,
its pain inside me so secretly kept,
a scar for each promise I kept,
a smile for each tear unwept,

Love, hate, trust are just words to me,
their distinction no longer visible lucidly,
I'm no longer the custodian nor Knight to be,
I don't want to be heard, I just want to be free,

I am tired of forgiving and being strong,
It's a burden I can no longer carry alone,
I confess my sins and plead to thee,
send me to the gallows, set my soul free,

Don't shed a tear when they hang my head,
the curse, the agony finally comes to an end,
the journey over as the river reaches the bend,
and I sleep in tranquility, till the dead are un-dead.