Thursday, June 25, 2009

Retribution Song

I stand with my back against the setting sun,
there's still a bullet left in my vengeful gun,
wish I halted this carnage before it begun,
now I'm buying time to fix what can't be undone,

A bruise for each mile I've run,
a scar for each torment overcome,
a blister for each right I made wrong,
a curse for each heart I burnt,

Some of you I hurt, some of you I disowned,
I confess my intention was never to harm,
my devout apology to the people I have wronged,
I only gave to the world what I got in return,

An existense with no one to count upon,
the burden of my choices I shall carry alone,
my search for a smile, was met with scorn,
when I pleaded for love, I got hope forlorn,

Happiness and Pain, diverse feelings for some,
to me they both seem as one,
the latter so hard to forget, the previous so hard to treasure,
complaining is not my style, so don't get me wrong,
these words just add rhythm to my retribution song,

So I stand with my back against the setting sun,
the story returns to where it begun,
a bullet with my name in that vengeful gun,
the lord speaketh, your time has come,
embrace the suffering in this life my son,
it'll soothe your journey to the world beyond.