Friday, October 7, 2011

Rising Tide

I'm a worried man caught in the rising tide,
empty silence lies ahead of me, darkness behind,
as I float purposeless with long heaving sighs,
all I recall are those benign hazel eyes,

Hope is a strange vessel sailing the lonely sea,
gives you what you need, but not what you seek,
it's an irony then, what life predicts for me,
to find happiness in places, I never thought it would be,

She's sitting across to me with mirrors in her eyes,
trying to sell me the past, re-live my lies,
but I'm dressed in my best and her appeal has died,
I'm taking the last train, to hell with goodbyes,

I'm a buccaneer on the oceans of despair,
I'll steal your heart when I so choose and care,
to you it may seem unpleasant, unfair,
but I'm the one who sat all night, talking to an empty chair,

Lots of water under the bridge, memories to forsake,
you can't count on me to change my ways,
don't build dreams from memories, where you have lost your stake,
coz I'm not as eager as I once was, to make a mistake.

(Image courtesy: My Studios)