Saturday, February 21, 2009

Letting Go

Love stands defined when I say your name,
Life's incomplete without you in the frame,
I love you so much I can't begin to define,
you're my heart, my soul, my only valentine,

We have said our goodbye once and many times more,
But every time we return, I love you more than before,
I can read the thought that lingers in those haunting eyes,
"I wish I came back before I became his bride"

Now all that I have is a dream so to say,
that we'll meet someday in a place far away,
the moon will be full and the stars will shine bright,
and I can dance with you all through the night,

I smile to myself at the possibility,
Alas you and I are not reality,
I guess sometimes we should let things be,
The way they were always meant to be,

Back then,I had no reason to love you so,
Now, I have no reason for letting you go,
Times change and so do we,
Loving you remains the perpetual irony.