Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wherever You Are

It's in every waking dream and in my every sigh,
in the soft tickle on my finger tips, in every goodbye,

in the genial warmth of the morning sun,
in the ferocious gusting of the storm,

in every half spoken word and every half uttered thought,
in every goofy smile and in every carefree laugh,

it's in the hope that rises after every failure,
it's in the strength I find in every humbling defeat,

in the ecstasy of every laborious victory,
in the assurance of every milestone achieved,

in every prayer that I utter before I go to bed,
in every wish I pronounce silently in my head,

in the silence of every lonely night,
in the cacophony of the maddening light,

in the anguish of every abandoned tear,
in the affection of every touch that's near,

in the beauty of every blooming spring,
in the pensiveness that every frost brings,

in the innocence of every baby born,
in the serenity of every departed soul,

in every antidote that time rubs into my scars,
in every beat of my fervid heart,

the only thing I remember,
no matter how much I try to forget,

Love is wherever you are,
and you are everywhere.