Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Run Away

Silence like dew drops on her lips,
her head resting gently on my hips,
eyes like mirrors to a forgotten land,
her breath like the rain and sullen sand,

besotted by her clumsy charm,
a smile that could do no harm,
yet the dagger firmly did she plant,
like a poet carving out my heart,

as if some ancient scent, she fades away,
a fragrance lost to the vagaries of the day,
but as darkness descends from sky to sea,
like a forgotten promise she haunts me,

as my hair ripens to a gravelly white,
questions like candles this world will light,
like a totem around my neck she'll stay,
and all I'll ever do, is run away.

(Image courtesy - z00m483/DeviantArt)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Home

Collecting pebbles from the forsaken shores,
of so many stories left untold,

to where I built my house of stone,
a humble place to call my own,

by some twist of fate or enchanted lure,
you found its inconspicuous door,

and walked in, forever to change,
this inscrutable fort into a home,

let the windows breathe life in,
intoxicated the air with the aroma of your skin,

lined each wall with an unforgettable memory,
Oh! what poisonous alchemy,

silence found a voice in its corridors,
the light surged in and cured my soul,

somewhere in its heart, you planted the seed,
of a love that fulfilled my greed,

in the comfort of your embrace it slowly grew,
into something that neither really knew,

but like all good things that come undone,
the battles were lost that should have been won,

and the shadows slowly crept back in,
all that was noble was now a sin,

now the house sits lonely, empty inside,
the stones echo, a laughter that's died,

but the will to strive is still alive,
nurtured by the life you left behind,

what was once a thing of beauty, now can't be seen,
but I hold it close, like you once held me,

I know your spirit will return in time,
for I can't lose, what's already mine,

I come back to these desolate shambles still,
the house holds a part of me within,

It's the one place I don't feel alone,
It's the only place I call my home.

Image courtesy - PhotoGraphik

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tiny Catastrophe

They talk of dark alleys and exotic cuisines,
of sliced wrists and smut magazines,
of bastard children and mothers demeaned,
of love stories and androgenies,

They listen from behind their blinded eyes,
some mysterious whispers, some beautiful lies,
rising against the setting sun,
young lovers and their tragic goodbyes,

They fondle with their plastic skin,
a love expressed, both curse and shrine,
and spit their renditions upon my face,
scars with no name or crime,

The sun rises, they run and disguise,
put on their shirts, jackets and ties,
unshackle my chains and mend my cries,
clean their faces, put on their smiles,

But they speak not that, what my heart decrees,
nor hear what my pungent soul pleads,
this magnanimous world it seems, is just too big,
I'm but its tiny catastrophe.

(Image courtesy - Granny Annie)

Friday, March 9, 2012


I remember the promises we made,
said we'd love and together we'd stay,
no matter how we resurrect each other,
the cracks will never go away,

Its not like I don't miss you,
or the love just faded away,
it's just more painful to stay together,
than it is to stay away,

Those tears glistening down your face,
breaking my defence, alluring me to sway,
I've been a slave to your charm,
please don't look at me that way,

Let the silence in harmony play,
savor this moment for as long as we may,
I'll keep you safe inside me till the end of time,
no matter what happens after today.

(Image courtesy - So Take My Hand)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Strangers Like That

The evening has started to fade,
my bed is still a mess unmade,
I hold your picture against my heart,
we are still strangers like that,

Every glimmer of beauty reminds me of you,
maybe I'm crazy, maybe it's deja-vu,
you're still my muse, I won't deny that,
we are still strangers like that,

They say love fades and goes away,
but I love you more than I did yesterday,
my feelings won't sway, but it's just that,
we are still strangers like that,

I should have found a way to let you go,
but the more I tried, the more it would grow,
so I embraced my fate, make what you would of that,
we are still strangers like that,

Every woman I have loved has been your reflection,
I'm pathetic, obsessed, lost in transition,
why do you still wear your hair like that?,
we are still strangers like that,

We're strangers and maybe we will always be,
just a mid-summer dream, a love song, a distant memory,
still you shed a tear or two, when this symphony plays like that,
and yet we remain, strangers like that.

Image courtesy: Marc and Angel

Thursday, January 19, 2012


When I was a little boy,
I dreamed of someone like you,
as I grew older I think I tried,
too hard to make you come true,

As the years vapidly toil on,
the dream's still alive unborn,
but I'm beginning to believe,
you're nothing more than an illusion,

For a few chance moments I felt,
my heart in consternation,
but it was just coincidence disguised,
as a divine premonition,

I shudder, shrink, gather, move on,
familiar faces mocking in unison,
reality slips slowly from my crippled grasp,
still miles away from my destination,

The whispers now have stopped and I pretend,
I am under the Lord's protection,
the dream audaciously lingers on,
despite my blatant rejection,

I am a fool and I'll always be,
beguiled by this infatuation,
if you don't intend to show up,
at least point me in the right direction,

When love ceases to exist and I finally surrender,
to fate and all its abberations,
all the world will go dark in search of salvation,
you will still be the only exception.