Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Run Away

Silence like dew drops on her lips,
her head resting gently on my hips,
eyes like mirrors to a forgotten land,
her breath like the rain and sullen sand,

besotted by her clumsy charm,
a smile that could do no harm,
yet the dagger firmly did she plant,
like a poet carving out my heart,

as if some ancient scent, she fades away,
a fragrance lost to the vagaries of the day,
but as darkness descends from sky to sea,
like a forgotten promise she haunts me,

as my hair ripens to a gravelly white,
questions like candles this world will light,
like a totem around my neck she'll stay,
and all I'll ever do, is run away.

(Image courtesy - z00m483/DeviantArt)


Neha said...

Beautiful poetry. It happens in every ,love story.


Thanks Neha! Welcome to my blog and please keep coming back. :)

Anonymous said...

Imroz, this was beautiful. There are vivid emotions you have captured in such simplicity. Fell in love with poem, with the dual meanings of happiness and sadness.. Its wonderfully penned .. well, actually awesome!


@adreamygal: Thank you for reading and understanding. Your comment really made my day! :))

srujana said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Imroz,

I found this picture in Clip Art. It leads here to you.
Hope you get this from your outdated site.
I want to know where you got the picture from,
because I'd like to use it in my blog tomorrow, Spt. 16, 2016.
My blog is
Sorry for the lateness, but finding pictures is always a time-consuming endeavour for me.

BTW I love your poem(s).



Imroz Adeeb said...

Hi Herb,
You can find the image at the following link:

Hope this helps.

Thank you for liking my work and for the kind words. :)

All the best!