Thursday, January 19, 2012


When I was a little boy,
I dreamed of someone like you,
as I grew older I think I tried,
too hard to make you come true,

As the years vapidly toil on,
the dream's still alive unborn,
but I'm beginning to believe,
you're nothing more than an illusion,

For a few chance moments I felt,
my heart in consternation,
but it was just coincidence disguised,
as a divine premonition,

I shudder, shrink, gather, move on,
familiar faces mocking in unison,
reality slips slowly from my crippled grasp,
still miles away from my destination,

The whispers now have stopped and I pretend,
I am under the Lord's protection,
the dream audaciously lingers on,
despite my blatant rejection,

I am a fool and I'll always be,
beguiled by this infatuation,
if you don't intend to show up,
at least point me in the right direction,

When love ceases to exist and I finally surrender,
to fate and all its abberations,
all the world will go dark in search of salvation,
you will still be the only exception.