Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Run Away

Silence like dew drops on her lips,
her head resting gently on my hips,
eyes like mirrors to a forgotten land,
her breath like the rain and sullen sand,

besotted by her clumsy charm,
a smile that could do no harm,
yet the dagger firmly did she plant,
like a poet carving out my heart,

as if some ancient scent, she fades away,
a fragrance lost to the vagaries of the day,
but as darkness descends from sky to sea,
like a forgotten promise she haunts me,

as my hair ripens to a gravelly white,
questions like candles this world will light,
like a totem around my neck she'll stay,
and all I'll ever do, is run away.

(Image courtesy - z00m483/DeviantArt)