Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Strangers Like That

The evening has started to fade,
my bed is still a mess unmade,
I hold your picture against my heart,
we are still strangers like that,

Every glimmer of beauty reminds me of you,
maybe I'm crazy, maybe it's deja-vu,
you're still my muse, I won't deny that,
we are still strangers like that,

They say love fades and goes away,
but I love you more than I did yesterday,
my feelings won't sway, but it's just that,
we are still strangers like that,

I should have found a way to let you go,
but the more I tried, the more it would grow,
so I embraced my fate, make what you would of that,
we are still strangers like that,

Every woman I have loved has been your reflection,
I'm pathetic, obsessed, lost in transition,
why do you still wear your hair like that?,
we are still strangers like that,

We're strangers and maybe we will always be,
just a mid-summer dream, a love song, a distant memory,
still you shed a tear or two, when this symphony plays like that,
and yet we remain, strangers like that.

Image courtesy: Marc and Angel


Priya said...'s beautiful....and so true..applies to feelings for both men and have captured the sense of longing so delicately, without getting all heavy about it...superb, Immy! :-)


Thanks Priya! :)

Garima said...

Your compositions aren't composed of words... These are experiences that stay with the reader...:)


@Garima: Thank you so much! It's what every writer dreams of hearing :)

Krishnapriya said...

Glad to be here after a very long time.. :)

As usual u have created a strong impact with this one.. especially the emphasis in the end of every para.. (verse)


@Krishnapriya: It's always great to have you, come more often, maybe I will be encouraged to write more often if I feel people really enjoy reading my work :)