Wednesday, October 10, 2007

the lonely wanderer...

A lonely road and a lonely stroll,
a lonely thought of a lonely soul,
up a lonely hill and down a lonely slope,
over the lonely desert and around the lonely grove,
a lonely river and a lonely boat,
a lonely suitor and his lonely hope,
a lonely sunrise and a lonely moon,
a lonely lamp in a lonely room,
on a lonely paper some lonely words,
some lonely memories some lonely woes,
a lonely tear and a lonely smile,
this lonely road and so many lonely miles...


Sumit said...

My friend... I can so totally relate to this one.... it seems like it's written for me..."This lonely road and so many lonely miles..."... beautiful, simply beautiful... you know what man! Your words are powerful... simple, but very powerful... kudos..

Another Human said...

I see you sitting across the road,
See you waiting for me to come.
People passing by, you still look for me,
You don't realize a new day has begun.

Get up my darling, I’ll never return,
You'll have to walk your miles.
I am not there to hold your hand any more,
Not even to exchange smiles...

You'll always remain in my heart,
Just like the stars in the sky...
I can read your eyes and your mind,
You want to ask me" THEN WHY????"

No answers to your questions Dear,
I don't know what to say.
You move on with Life, shine like a STAR,
That's ALL I can pray...."