Friday, November 23, 2007

A Memorable Vacation

Growing up, the word vacation meant coming back to India during the summers. Sadly, I can’t recall anything memorable about any of my vacations. Most of the summer would be spent in my ancestral home “Amroha” socializing with my relatives and family friends. I found this exercise rather futile because I forgot each one of them as soon as we left.

But now that I think of it, there was one such vacation where I did something that I still remember. I was 10 years old, I think, and we had rented out one of the floors in our “haveli” to a family of seven. Over the summer, I grew fond of them, especially their youngest daughter who they all called “Munni.” I never realized how quickly time passed that summer. When it was finally time to leave, I felt a deep sense of grief. My final conversation with Munni revolved around the time we spent together and if the family would still be there when we returned next time. Before leaving she mentioned how she and her sister would not be able to go to school, as they didn’t have money to buy books and pay the fees. To this day I still feel guilty for what I did that day, I somehow managed to steal 500 rupees from my mother’s vanity case and gave it to Munni. I really don’t know how much that money helped them, but I felt a bad deed if done for a good cause, was not so bad!


charusworld said...


You are the most wonderful person i have ever known in my life....

After reading this episode of your life what came to my mind were the beautiful lyrics of a charity single recorded by Michael Jackson and more than 35 others, including Celine Dion, Ricky Martin, Luther Vandross, the Backstreet Boys,..

How many people will have to die before we will take a stand
How many children will have to cry, before we do all we can
If sending your love is all you can give
To help one live, mmm

How many times can we turn our heads
And pretend we cannot see
Healing the wounds of our broken earth
We are one global family
Just sending your prayers
Is something you feel
Helping one heal
What have I got that I can give
(What have I got that I can give, tell me)
What have I got that I can give, yeah, oh
To love and to teach you
To hold and to need you
What more can I give (what more can I give, yeah)

brother to brother, lay down our fears and reach out and make a pact
Show him the love that is in our hearts, let us bring salvation back
Just sending your love has the power to heal
So let's all give

Regards :)

Sumit said...

The 'what have I got that I can give' line in MJ's song captures it all...I'm sure God would not only have forgiven you for the 'bad' deed, but would also have blessed you for your kindness.