Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fool in Love

A silent wish, a quiet prayer,
one heart in need, another seeking repair,
questions, doubts, wear n tear,
some answers, trust n giggles to spare,
a little persistence, a little care,
strangers to friends to an unlikely pair,
the distance at times so tough to bear,
when you long to whisper sweet nothings in her ear,
it could be crash n burn before you're half way there,
or wedding vows being taken in the warm summer air,
However it works out, do you really care?
justice is divine and life's eventually fair,
wear your heart on your sleeve, you have nothing to fear,
you're a fool in love and you'll never despair.


Unruly Rebel said...

nice post..very expresive style of writing..

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Anonymous said...

It started well and i was waiting for an interesting turn to an end but you have not done justice to it. try again. I'm sure you will get there.


Thanks for reading, but this is exactly how I wanted to end it. Sorry it was not to your liking, and it didn't take the turn that you thought it should or could have...maybe will do better next time. Thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

:) I like it...but more so coz I can read what u always want to's not always the way you write that matters...I am sure...people who are close to you can unsderstand it well...and this is just a different way to tell the same thing..what u have always said..and what you believe in..I know...Keep it up...!!!...your fan:)