Monday, September 12, 2011


I know these are just our first few steps,
but my feelings for you, I can't measure their depth,
your love sneaked into me, and my heart it leapt,
I think I dreamed you into life as I slept,

Where this road will lead me I can only suspect,
where ever it may be, I will never regret,
finding you has been my life's eternal quest,
perhaps retribution for all my tears unwept,

As I move down this winding road,
I am not afraid and I am not perturbed,
all I need is you to be by my side,
No road is too long and no mountain too high,

I can't remember the last time I felt so strong,
and as my love grows, this wait seems so long,
I try to find the perfect word, the perfect line, the perfect song,
even when the words are right, somehow the tune's all wrong,

Still these words spill out of me,
sometimes in prayer, sometimes in symphony,
and if we are damned to be forsaken in the pages of destiny,
each dream would still have been worth its penalty,

And as I take each step, I know I'm closer than before,
I've stumbled, I've fallen, I've been abandoned and forlorn,
my spirit will not relent, till you're mine once more,
but until then as always, I will walk alone.


Garima said...

Superb portrayal... Who says words can't do justice with feelings! Every word here must be feeling so properly utilized...


@Garima: Thank you so much :) I really don't know if each word feels properly utilized but I hope the feelings behind the words have found some justice.

KP said...

I am speachless.. reading this after reading ur latest post on "the Pligrim" I felt this is seeking God too.. But its romance right.. seeking the soul!


@KP:Well there is not greater love than the love of inferring that from the poem would not be wrong...but yes you are right it is about finding one's soul and seeking it's spiritual match :)