Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Song For You

A few idle papers, a pen and some murky residue,
I set out to write a song for you,
where I should begin, I don't have a clue,
for life as I know it, began with you,

The first time I saw you,
was like a million explosions in my heart,
earth, sun and all between, sang a serenade,
all we did was play our part,

I miss your tender smile and the way you laughed,
how effortlessly you pulled me out of the dark,
the way my heart fluttered when it heard your name,
my dream of us together in a photo-frame,

I could look at you all day, without a moment's rest,
enchanted by everything you did and said,
to you I pledged my every breath,
maybe I did too much, maybe I did too less,

I want to do everything but I cant do anything for you,
I cant do anything except be in love with you,
I would bleed myself dry and my soul I would discard,
if I could just go back to the start,

But I cant do that, I am but a mortal soul,
all that's left in my chest is a gaping hole,
all I am left with is your memory,
all I do is miss you and the way you used to be.


aarts said...

as always..beautiful..and as always u brought tears to my eyes just reading it...way to go!its brilliant:)

Anonymous said...

hmmme...yet another wonderful post...okay...lemme tell u this..I liked it more than the previous one coz:
a. I can relate to it..
b. The way u have written it...it's so simple..yet the impact is amazing...one can so easily relate to it...as u say... "the feelings are the same".....
Keep it up..!! Loved it..! to say the least..

possesed by the joker said...

dude im gonna have diabetes :P but that is so sweet...n when i say that u know it is really sweet...good goin bro....i hope ur gf doesnt die of OD :P

kianein said...

First love, oh sweet scent of that first love...

But then those lanes are long lost
and those tales are far and away tossed, and we ask ourselves
where do we go,
where do we go now?

Sweta gupta said...

ur posts r beautiful :)


thank you sweta!

Sweta gupta said...

evn if it did last a lil longer..it wd end nywyas..!! ephemeral joys of growing up..nd nothing else..nobdy walks wid us till the end of the road..

richa said...


u really justified it all...


Thank you Richa! Keep visiting...will be posting soon!

Preeta said...

Imroz...what lovely posts! u r such a good writer! been a pleasure reading thru ur blog.


Thank you Preeta...I am humbled...glad you enjoyed reading...keep visiting!:-)

Anonymous said...

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