Friday, March 12, 2010


We go through life with certain regrets,
things we didn't do, words left unsaid,
the omens we ignored, the hate we bred,
the people we rejected, the ones we met,
some decisions years ago, some ideas that wed,
some broken hearts, some lovers that fled,

Once in a while, truth be said,
life gives us a chance to live again.,
to fix certain wrongs, to face fears we dred,
to heal broken hearts and make amends,
to hold someone's hand and trust them again,

So I ask you this as I bow my head,
I dressed in black and you in crimson red,
request a dance, my words cautiously tread,
reprinting dreams, I nurtured in my head,

would you sway with me or turn me down instead?,
take a second chance or live in eternal regret,
your mind is your worst enemy my dear, and your best friend,
and the beginning of something can also be it's end.

1 comment:

aarts said...

Fab as usual :)
I wish more of us had a second chance to reprint some words that were said...