Monday, March 22, 2010

All you need to do is try

It takes a lot to hide the truth, even more to cover a lie,
years to win a heart, a moment of madness to make it cry,
to be disillusioned is part of the journey, to give up is the satiric crime,
hush my darling now, this too shall pass us by,
take that first step, all you need to do is try,

One day we'll have it all,
those marquee cars, that penthouse in the sky,
Till then we'll have to make do,
with your generous laughter, and my soup stained tie,
As long as we're side by side, there's nothing we can't survive,
so set your fears aside, all you need to do is try,

Not everything in life works to a plan,
Then does it matter? the when, the what, the why,
Thinking too much is such a waste of time, All that's left when your'e done is cynicism and wry,
Come on this adventure with me, I'll make it worth the while,
It's not that hard to imagine, all you need to do is try,

Words can only say so much, just paper with the ink gone dry,
I'd learn something new, if just to impress you by,
But I'm getting old and time isn't on my side,
Words are all I have besides my reassuring smile,
If that's not enough to seal the deal, hold my hand if just to say goodbye,
It's not that tough to break my heart, all you need to do is try.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sounds like you lost some old love...all will be good i promise...hang in there..

Muhammed Naumaan Shah said...

Good one bhai, its always good to try.

Bodhisattva said...

Hush to the world, to the dreams to the lies
Hush to the lullabies, the drumrolls, the cries
Failures bequeath the successes of the ages gone by
Hush! little baby,Hush! for this is no time to die!

amrit said...

Awesome melon, by now i almost feel your cynical optimism!

Anonymous said...

Should i end it or let it die, Or should i give it another try...
I still have hope, I still have faith, shall i let my feelings multiply...
LOVE is within the heart and the Mind, You can neither sell nor you can buy...
The game of heart is all about LOVE, no calculations and no laws ever apply.
I am far away to reach you now... I wish i had wings so that i could fly...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!....a really beautiful one...:)