Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Silent Vow

Read to me some eloquent poetry,
Play to me a mesmerizing score,
Dance for me in those scorching heels,
Please my senses, put on a grand show,
Let time stand still, let your body sway,
to the music, to the moment and the madness in play,
Let your eyes pierce their way into the tattered drapes of my soul,
Make torrid love to me like a man on death row,
When we're famished lie beside me, collect me in your embrace,
Kiss me softly but linger so the pain leaves no trace,
Let your timid beauty be the only memory I recall,
Let our vanity be the venom that fulfills our silent vow.


Bodhisattva said...

There was a wise man who once said,
To a man who collected his sorrows in a cup
'Cut a hole in the bottom, let it run'
Said he, smiling, 'Dude, Lighten Up'


I know..I've told me countless times, you want to read something more positive and hopeful and nice...will give that a try next time...but very nice lines...thankyou :)

Anonymous said...

I like the post but I like Bodhi's comment too...but a good post...!

Anonymous said...

I am reminded of the Chilli Palmer quote from the movie Be Cool, to a very effeminate Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. He said "Well, I like it, I like it. But you might think
about singing a man song."