Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life will keep rolling on

Trees will age and their leaves will dwindle,
Seasons will scamper on,
a quarter of the world will lie arid, the other will negotiate a storm,
you and I will passively watch, and,
Life will keep rolling on,

Hearts will be broken and lovers forgotten,
Romeos will still be born,
Integrity and honor will be spoken, by ideological whores blowing their horns,
You and I will abandon our voices, and,
Life will keep rolling on

Innocents will be hung, and the guilty exalted,
welfare groups will still be formed,
sermons will be fed to the starving, Priests will proclaim the Lord,
You and I will sing our hymns, and,
Life will keep rolling on,

Millions will be butchered for money, religion and power,
Babies will still be borne,
The nourished will be guilty of gluttony, the hungry will learn to starve,
You and I will simply sigh, and,
Life will keep rolling on,

The seeds will sprout again, the flowers will return,
Our hearts will forgive once more,
People will forget today like it was yesterday, and tomorrow will give them hope,
You and I will exonrate our misdeeds, and,
Life will keep rolling on


Bodhisattva said...

lets put your words in my mouth:

The cloud comes by, drops a tear or two
Children run to the fields and the lovers too
Then a sudden gust of wind and the clouds are gone
All thats left is Bodhi rolling on!

Good one brotha..but just cant help writing poems on your comments section!


Nice one :) You should try your hand at poetry, you are really good and this wouldn't be the first time I have told you.
Thanks for the comment :)