Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Jester who stole the crown

The court was full of nobles and royals,
waiting with bated breath,
the date was set, the King had said,
his daughter had to be wed,
the princess walked out and took her place,
they bowed their heads in respect,

all vying for her hand in matrimony,
they came from near and far,
some with their carnal eyes on her youth,
others on the crown in the cookie jar,
she stood before them with disdain,
hoping that someone would seek,
not just her beauty or her crown,
but the heart that beat beneath,

The king announced any man with honor,
could strive to win his daughter's hand,
a noble, a prince and even a tramp,
if he proved he was of worthy brand,
line by line the nobles tried,
to charm the princess with gifts,
and gestures that were as hollow,
as the poetry they paid to lift,

As the king's word reached his ear,
the jester decided he'd try his luck,
his soul was free and he had nothing to lose,
the most they could do was lock him up,
the court went aghast when he requested to speak,
but the King promised him a turn,
so when he finally got the chance,
he spoke without fear, his words were firm,

I may not be of noble breed, he said, but I am of noble deed,
for the rings of integrity my lady, do not flatter thieves,
I cannot pay your weight in gold nor your crown do I crave,
but to show your heart the joy of smaller things,
those that have never crossed your palace gates,
to trust, to support, to respect, to adore, 
to love like only a man can,

It's all I have, all I can give,
all my humble heart can afford to do,
breed or blood don't make a King,
only deeds and a character true,
If you deem me fit ma lady,
I'd gladly prove it to you,

the princess heard his charismatic plea,
and his honesty had her won,
she chose the jester above them all,
the nobles were left sucking their thumbs,
their riches and creed had fallen flat, his veracity had trumped their cards,
for he proved to win a woman's hand,
you need to first win her heart!

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Anonymous said...

Good job my boy!!!! I like it...:)